August 7, 2012

Smack in the Middle…

Posted by everlife


Hello fine friends, we hope you are having the time of your lives!

We definitely are.

These past weeks recording vocals on this project have been rollercoaster emotional, wonderful, hilarious and strangely peaceful.. We’re closing in on three more days of vocals and then next week is more music to lay down.. It’s been the most amazing studio experience!

ALL BECAUSE OF YOU. (we get a little teary each time we tell folks about the incredible 209 people who made this a reality. we’re big fans of you! and all the rest who shared and liked and told people about it!)

Okay, we’re doing a bit of video and snapping shots of studio time, which we will share, but today just wanted to give ya a couple done by the talented Rae Marshall

So much more to come. Again, thank you for this. We cannot wait until you hear this music!

Love, Amber, Sarah and Julia

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